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Build high-functioning, successful teams.

Perform in critical moments of mental and physical stress.

The specialised workforce faces heightened levels of mental and physical stress daily ... help to increase productivity, increase physical tolerance, mitigate risk, improve longevity and safeguard your financial solvency.

We enhance operational performance and resilience through:


Human Performance

Analysing human performance policy that sits within the organisation and shaping it to suit the remit of the organisation and role scope of its members. Ensuring a workforce can move efficiently and effectively and in the anatomical movement patterns necessary is critical for optimal operational performance.


Skill Enhancement

Performing Training Needs Analysis of the organisation to better understand extant capability gaps and training needs. We then work collaboratively to develop the next phase of organisational training policy to deliver better training experiences, improved training outcomes and greater operational success.

Developing skill sets progressively and systematically, and in alignment with the individual’s assessed competence level, optimises available training time and ensures more robust training and operational outcomes.


Cognitive Resilience

Implementing strategies and training systems that expose members to the rigours of critical incident decision-making. It is the final element in the training ecosystem that proofs the members’ ability to operate under stress.

Operationally Driven.
Tactical Professional Focused.
Coach Led.

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Designed for the Specialist Workplace

Mindset breeds success.
Skills support operations.
Human Performance underpins everything.

“Training” in the Specialist Workplace, is an ecosystem built on a foundation of physical human performance and includes skill and critical decision-making. This helps us understand the modalities that need to be trained and the energy systems that need to be developed.

This then informs the strategies that, combined with niche tactical products and facilities, provide an end-to-end solution allowing members to exceed operational expectations and win.

OPS specialist workplace training solutions

Case Studies

For a glimpse of what working with OPS can bring your organisation, take a peek at our case studies.

Australian Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Our Courses

We focus on human conditioning, skill enhancement and cognitive resilience. We combine these capabilities into best-in-class training courses so operators can perform at their highest level.

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Build high-functioning, successful teams.

We develop physically prepared, cognitively resilient and skilled individuals.

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Tailored training spaces designed and built for the specialist workplace.

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