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Perform at your highest level.

OPS Physical Conditioning

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Enhance your teams operational effectiveness and sustainability.

OPS Skill Enhancement

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Specialised tools & resources.

OPS Solutions for the specialist workplace

Unrivalled experience.

Over the years we have curated a team of experts, tactical operation veterans united by the same goal — to help provide the training, tools and support needed to enhance operational effectiveness, health and wellbeing for the protector and first responder community.

OPS Skill Enhancement
OPS Skill Enhancement


Utilizing some of the best talent in the industry, we merge research, education and training, to create operator-centered solutions designed specifically for the unique roles military & first responders perform every day. This operator-centric, data-driven approach provides operators with the tools they need to sustain optimal performance across their careers and beyond.

Solutions for the specialist workplace
OPS Advisory

Real world experience, real world training from the world’s best

OPS is leading the way with state-of-the-art facilities, technology and equipment in order to support innovative, world-first, leading-edge research and training.

Linear Elite Defence Tactic Systems
Linear Elite Defence Tactic Systems
OPS Physical Conditioning
OPS Skill Enhancement
OPS Solutions for the specialist workplace

Our academic research partners

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Build high-functioning, successful teams.

We develop physically prepared, cognitively resilient and skilled individuals.

Training Courses for the Specialist Workplace, and Beyond.

Accredited Training

Non-Accredited Training

Tailored training spaces designed and built for the specialist workplace.

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