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Bond University TRU for the specialist workplace

Building strategic partnerships allows us to provide a diverse range of cutting edge products, services and training methodologies that cover the full gambit of tactical applications.

PLAE Global

PLAE is the world leader in specialised athletic flooring and outdoor surfaces.

PLAE Ops is the collaboration with OPS that brings together an intimate understanding of the specialist workplace with the design and build capabilities that are second to none.

PLAE OPS high performance solutions

Bond University Tactical Research Unit (TRU)

Enhancing the protection and performance of tactical personnel through pragmatic research, education and advice.

The TRU is a network of multidisciplinary international experts who investigate ways to optimise the physical and cognitive capabilities, and safety of tactical personnel – whether military, law enforcement, firefighters, or first responder organisations.

“A loss in mobility imparted by load carriage may on paper seem little, like 1.4 seconds, but when someone is firing at you with an AK47 with a cyclic rate of 600 rounds per minute, that can equate to an additional 14 rounds of exposure.”

Dr Rob Orr
Associate Professor of Physiotherapy Director: Tactical Research Unit (TRU) Bond University
Bond University TRU for the specialist workplace

PVO Group

PVO Group provides OPS with Quality Assurance across all of its training courses.

As a co-provider to OPS’ Registered Training Organisation (RTO), PVO helps map SME input across to existing qualification frameworks and supports the inclusion of additional modules to help shape the specialised field in which OPS and PVO operates.

PVO focuses on the need for training to evolve to meet the demands of current professional and operational environments.

PVO works alongside government agencies and private companies to tailor workplace systems and strategies. Key personnel are recognised for their in-depth analysis, design, delivery, implementation and evaluation of bespoke training programs. The foundation of our training is based upon industry feedback, academic research and operational outcomes.

Certified Training Courses for the Specialist Workplace

MXA Performance

MXA performance are specialist practitioner researchers/coaches that implement and deliver high performance programming into elite sport, as well as Australia’s tactical community.

MXA are affiliated with OPS and Bond Tactical Research Unit by providing ‘raw athlete data’ back into the research unit for analysis and reporting. MXA provide specific coach education, athlete monitoring, injury prevention, screening and can perform ‘whole of unit / organisation’ injury audits and implement organisation wide risk mitigation strategies.

“I always dedicate 100% of my knowledge and ability to create an injury free, agile, explosive and powerful tactical professional, with a very high work capacity, to endure the rigours of the profession.”

Jeremy Robinson
Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Build high-functioning, successful teams.

We develop physically prepared, cognitively resilient and skilled individuals.

Training Courses for the Specialist Workplace, and Beyond.

Accredited Training

Non-Accredited Training

Tailored training spaces designed and built for the specialist workplace.

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